Vocabulary Builder Usage Tips to Help Students Improve Their English Vocabulary for SSC Exam

Words form the building block of any language and vocabulary plays an important role in enhancing an individual’s understanding and knowledge of the language. The significance of English as a language of choice for national as well as international communication has increased greatly over the past decade. Hence, it is not surprising that most competitive exams, including SSC online, have a separate section to test the candidates on their proficiency in the language. In this respect, using a vocabulary builder app has become the most common choice of people seeking effective ways to enhance their vocabulary while preparing for different tests and exams.

SSC Exam and English Vocabulary

Like most other aptitude tests, the SSC exam lays a lot of stress on testing the candidates for verbal as well as written usage skills in the English language. The testing is done mostly in the form of questions based on English vocabulary. These include finding synonyms and antonyms of words, one-word substitutions, fill in the blanks etc. In order to, successfully clear this section and improve their overall SSC test score, it is important for the candidates to pay significant attention to improving their vocabulary during the test preparation phase. This is especially true for students attending SSC coaching classes that do not focus too much on honing the language skills of the students.

How Vocabulary Builder Apps Can Help

A vocabulary builder app acts as a comprehensive yet independent source for enhancing the English usage skills of the students. These apps are designed to help the students enhance their vocabulary in an efficient and simple manner and that too according to the convenience of the students. Using these apps proves helpful in English vocabulary enhancement in the following ways.

  • It simplifies the learning of new words through better word association with pictures which improves not only the understanding of the students but also their retention of the word and its meaning.
  • It provides ample usage examples of the word in its various forms, ensuring that the students are able to fully comprehend, where and how the word can be best used.
  • It offers an interactive and engaging methodology to help students expand their vocabulary without making them feel bored or burdened.
  • It enables the students to test what they have learned through multiple quizzes and puzzles built into the app itself.

Usage Tips to Get Better Results

Discussed below are some important usage tips that can help students appearing for SSC online exams to exploit the full benefits of these apps.

Use Spaced Repetition Method: One of the most effective ways of using the apps is through spaced repetition. This essentially means that the students learn a few words at a time and then get back to revising them after a while. In fact, the time interval between every revision session should be increased after each session. This method helps in understanding and retention of new words by a significant margin reducing the overall learning time.

Prefer Apps with More Visuals: It is a well-known fact that learning through visual aids is significantly more effective than reading simple textual information. So, it is important for the students to choose apps that use a greater number of visuals for enhancing the English vocabulary rather than relying more on textual teaching. An app that uses relevant images to explain the meaning of new words is likely to prove more beneficial than those using only written or oral explanations.

Rest the Eyes and Brain: Trying to learn everything that a vocabulary builder app has to offer at once, is often too tiring even for most active brains. So, the students should make sure that they take ample breaks to allow their eyes and brain to rest. This will not only prevent their eyes from getting damaged but will also ensure better understanding and retention. It is also advisable to start using the app at the earliest to avoid last minute rush or stress of having limited preparation time.

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