Mnemonics -The power of memory-tickling tricks

Not all of us are blessed with a photographic memory! As a student, I tried all my ‘superpowers’ to stare at books with the highest level of concentration; hoping to imprint the information on the canvas of my mind, but it clearly didn’t seem to help! I ultimately would need to resort to something more realistic (but obvious!). It was then that Mnemonics; the memory-tickling phrases and acronyms would come to my rescue! These were the clever tricks which often released me from the pressure of retaining a lot of information.

Mnemonics are basically memory strategies or devices that help a person remember and recall information. Everyone has different techniques of formulating mnemonics. How many of you would count the months on your knuckles and grooves to find out the number of days in a particular month? And how many of you used BODMAS (brackets of division, multiplication, addition, subtraction) to make life simpler in the math class?

According to a study by Gerald R. Miller; it was found that mnemonics increased recall; and students who regularly used mnemonic devices increased test scores up to 77%! There are many way in which mnemonics work. The basic types are music, note organization, connection, spellings, image, expressions, words, models.

Let us take an example. If we need to explain the solution of a foot injury to a child, we can start with the word RICE. Confused? It’s a mnemonic! Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevate!

Few words have spellings that can be extremely confusing. For example; let us take the word ‘necessary’. We often wonder if the word has two Cs or two Ss. But if we create a story around it or a sentence, then the problem of remembering the spelling will never occur again. ‘Never Eat Crisps- Eat Salad Sandwiches And Remain Young’. There! We not only know the spelling but also an interesting suggestion and note to self (anything for a fit body, right?)! Isn’t this so much of fun?

Mnemonics can also help build our English vocabulary tremendously. Vocabulary only gets better with time for every person. It boosts the confidence immensely when we are able to speak in a fluent, suave and polished manner.  But learning new words every day? Would that not get confusing sometimes? We may even jumble up the new words and their meanings! What if I tell you that we can achieve this without getting confused and also learn it in the most fun way possible?

The digital era has entered our lives like a whirlwind and has changed the entire dynamics of how we function. We can now carry the world with us anywhere and anytime. These days there are such innovative apps that are easily accessible for us to grow intellectually and mentally. VocabMagik is one such app that helps in increasing English vocabulary vastly! It uses techniques of mnemonics and explains words through animated cartoons and witty animations.

In the example here, the word CAPACIOUS is linked with the rhyming words CAP SPACIOUS. The humorous animation represents a CAPACIOUS (roomy) SPACIOUS CAP. Next time you come across the word Capacious, just recall cap and this cartoon will flash in front of your eyes!


Since brain remembers pictures better, there is huge improvement in the retention power. This app can surely save you from the humongous task of mugging word-lists for your CAT, GRE exam, SAT vocabulary and GMAT.

In this fast moving world, it is vital to keep pace in order to succeed in this rat race. It is not very easy. And when we see such apps, it definitely acts as a sort of comforter knowing that if some things in life are getting difficult and competitive, there are apps like VocabMagik which are making things only easier and fun!

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