How to improve your English Vocabulary?

The English language has the largest number of vocabulary words amongst the other languages of the world. Irrespective of the fact that you are a beginner when it comes to learning English Vocabulary or an ardent speaker of the English language, you will always tend to grow your vocabulary. Each day you will come across millions of new words and even new ways of using or saying the words you already know.

There is a thumb rule of the English language, the richer is your English Vocabulary, the more fluently you can speak or converse in the language, so learning new words each day become a necessity.

But, India not being a fluent English speaking country, learning new vocabulary words often poses a great difficulty to one and all because the lack of adequate opportunities to grab the new words.

To make yourself an effective speaker of the English language, it is of great importance to improve the vocabulary of English words. Try your hands on the below-mentioned ways for increasing the English speaking capabilities by widening your horizon of the English vocabulary for general use, as well as for competitive exams like SAT, GRE, GMAT, etc. Read through:

  • A Word Journal

It may sound old school, but keeping a journal is one of the effective ways of increasing the knowledge of the new words of the English language. The pocket-sized notebook will help you in learning the new words you come across in your daily life activities. One tends to forget the new words, which may surely cause a lot of pain, so a journal helps in keeping pace with the new words you learnt a few days ago. The simple strategy is to list down five new words each day and take a review of those words in terms of the meaning, usage and pronunciation and integrate them into your speaking vocabulary.

  • Vocabulary App

Technology is ruling these days, so how can the English language be left untouched. There are a plethora of Vocabulary apps for Android and iOS users which help them learn the new vocabulary words without them even realising that they are in the learning process. The Vocabulary apps have everything, right from the new words, their meanings, their usage, their synonyms, their antonyms and their pronunciation. The apps make sure that the users get each and every information about the word. To make the users learn these days, the apps uses different strategies such as the creation of a game where scores are according to the words one knows. Along with an explanation of the words, the users are also given tips on how to use such words in daily life.

  • Reading

Reading is the best way out if you intend to increase your English glossary. Be it the newspaper articles, the blogs, the magazines, the sports articles, comic books or even the course books, each of them is a great option for widening your vocabulary base. Once you are done with such sources, you can move to the classic novels and best sellers which make use of the heavy words and can give you a great in-depth knowledge of the compelling words of the English. It doesn’t mean that you have to look for a dictionary for every word you come across while reading, because, this kind of practice while totally spoil the fun of reading. The point is not that you should know or understand each and every word; the point is that you should be able to understand the main point or the plot without even being conversant with the word in question.

  • Word of the day

There are a number of dictionary websites which have the tradition of providing the ‘Word of the day’. They daily release one word and provide an in-depth knowledge of that particular word. This is one the easiest and great way to enrich the vocabulary. You can even subscribe to their emailer or the RSS feed of such websites. Even if you download the apps of such websites on your Smartphone, the word of the day will reach you, and you are simply required to read the word, its usage and other synonyms and memorise. You can also add these words in your word journal and make it more enriching.

Building the vocabulary is indeed not an easy task, but small steps can help you in reaching your destination. So, make sure not to forget to keep these pointers in mind in your endeavor to learn and understand the English language.


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