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  • Learn with animated cartoons & WITTY associationS, SAY NO TO MUGGING
  • With our guided learning plan, spend 15 MINS a day to master YOUR VOCABULARY
  • Brain remembers pictures better - 90% better retention
  • Take unlimited tests, and get detailed progress reports
  • Customized wordlists for All ComPetitive EXAMS
  • revise using flashcards.. and a lot more

Our Methodology

  • Vocabmagik works on the concept of VAP via COMBS
  • It’s a known fact that BRAIN remembers pictures BETTER
  • The more connections that one makes with the brain, the more is the processing speed of the brain, and the more one would remember
  • We work on a series of mnemonics supported by animated humorous cartoons, that tug at the visual senses of the user along with their sense of humour
  • Visualisation pictures stick in the brain
  • Association link the two things
  • Pleasure what is fun is easy!


  • Comic is funny
  • Moving images capture attention
  • Bright and Colourful
  • Strange because normal is boring

Our Methodology

  • Following the Visualisation and Association principle, VocabMagik links difficult words with a similar sounding link word and a witty cartoon animation.
  • In the example here, the difficult word BACCHANALIAN is linked with the rhyming word BACHCHAN. The humorous animation represents a BACCHANALIAN (Drunk) Mr. BACHCHAN. Next time you come across the word Bacchanalian, just recall Bachchan and this cartoon will flash in front of your eyes!
  • We also provide all other information like Synonyms, Antonyms, Usage and Nice to Know
VocabMAGIK Book
We also have something for all you book lovers

Learn 600 high frequency words for CAT, SAT, GRE, GMAT and other competitive exams using witty associations and cartoons.

Student’s Speak

This is a simply superb way to get a hold on words in a very easy and effective way. Hats off to the persons involved behind the idea
Ruchika (CAT Aspirant)

Hey this is awesome!! Learnt a lot of words without mugging up!! Appreciate and thank you people behind this!!
Aishwarya (GRE Aspirant)

It has just been 4 days that I have started using the Vocabulary courses provided in here, and truly the way it teaches is the most appropriate way. The retention power is highly boosted by the audiovisual and animated learning and I have always been against rote learning. Highly grateful to vocabmagik, keep up the good work.
Ninad Bhatt (CAT Aspirant)

VOCABMAGIK is the first thing that I refer to anyone who is aspiring for GRE. Not only me, but my 2 other friends had been benefitted from it. To start with vocab, it provides a firm base and also at later stages stimulates to form our own mnemonics for new words. Cheers to the team and thank you very much
Anshul Aggarwal (GRE Aspirant)

It is really a great experience to study with VOCABMagik..Learning is made as an act of fun .....Really so useful and much helpful among all the sites for learning vocabulary... One can witness a drastic change in their level of vocab if they are associated with Vocabmagik......Hats off to all its support and great service.....Thank u very much........:)
Rajam (SAT Aspirant)

About us

Edumagik is an online education firm, founded by highly qualified young and experienced professionals, that strives to bring about a radical change in the way students learn. Our mission is to bring innovations in the learning system and make the overall learning fun, interesting and application based.

The premise of Edumagik is that education can be fun - all that we need are innovative and more user friendly ways of learning. Tools like animations, mnemonics and witty associations help make learning fun and effective.

Vocabmagik is an initiative by us to help students who end up mugging wordlists for competitive exams, learn vocabulary in a fun and efficient way.

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