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Here’s presenting to you…Vocabmagik!

If you are preparing for CAT, SAT, GRE, GMAT or are just interested in building your vocabulary, you have come to the right place!!

An online course to help build your vocabulary using animated cartoons, witty associations, continuous assessment & much more…
Never before was learning so entertaining
Meet wondrous characters like Enigmatic eggs, Glamorous genies, Cower cows etc.

Because we just don't want to ensure you improve your vocabulary... We also want you to have fun while at it!

Anything and everything that you ever wanted to know about a word….

Practice makes a man perfect !

Take unlimited tests from our databank of 3500 questions..

Along with monitored detailed progress as you move forward...

To ensure these words become a part of your long term memory !
  Guided learning plan

Practice previous years MBA papers online

Get printable versions of our notes and study on the go

Detailed test reports to assess your performance

Access online…anytime…from anywhere!
CAT Aspirant
Build vocabulary for CAT exam and other MBA entrances and crack the verbal ability section effortlessly.
GRE Aspirant
Learn over 500 high frequency words and crack the GRE exam effortlessly.
SAT Aspirant
Learn 1000 high frequency words, crack the SAT exam & enjoy studying abroad
School Students
Building vocabulary was never this easy… learn 1000 new words and have loads of fun while you are at it
General English
Build your vocabulary while having fun with a list of 600 most frequently occurring words in newspapers and magazines.
GMAT Aspirant
Learn over 500 high frequency words and prepare yourself for the GMAT Verbal challenge

1.noble; exalted; majestic
2.inspiring awe or admiration through grandeur, beauty, etc
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Q. Which word is the closest in meaning to Verdant


Edumagik is really like magik that happen to me that happen to me when I was preparing for GRE. The
Gaurav Sharma , GRE aspirant, India
I am feeling on top of the world by seeing the product . Let me frank that I was quite apprehensive
Vineeta , CAT aspirant, India
Vocabmagik makes learning a lot more fun. It is an excellent concept!
Deepa Khurana , Teacher, India
Vocab Magik is the best website for building a better vocabulary.Their method of teaching with ANIMA
Y.NAVEEN REDDY, GRE aspirant, India
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